Odyssey Interest Form 2022-23

Please fill out this form to apply to participate in the Glebe Elementary Odyssey of the Mind program this year, prior to Saturday, October 8th, 2022. Forms will be reviewed and teams formed. A team cannot be finalized until all members have submitted an application, and then, the Glebe coordinator has approved final rosters and problem selections.

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Would you like to receive news, tips, and reminders once each month about Odyssey of the Mind events and deadlines this season?
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As a potential coach, judge, or parent volunteer, do you have any prior experience with Odyssey?
As a parent/caregiver, can you help with this year's Odyssey effort?(Required)
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If you would like to coach, judge, or volunteer, are you vaccinated yet against COVID-19?
Have you completed an application and been approved to be a volunteer within APS schools?
The details can be found here:
Please list any topics or skills you have (aka power tools savvy, Arduino coding, theater set construction, etc.), that you'd be willing to teach to team members, if they need to find an expert. Instruction should be broadly skill building, not specific to any problem solution.
Do you know someone else who can help? Tell us so we can list them.

Student Details

(Please fill out a separate form for EACH student in your household who wants to participate.)
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Student Grade Level(Required)
Previous student involvement with Odyssey?
PLEASE NOTE: Division I teams cannot have students who will be older than 11 as of May 1, 2023. Birthdates have to be submitted with team rosters, so it's preferable to go ahead and get this information now. Your team will be moved to the next highest division if someone is too old for your desired division.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please let us know if your student has any health concerns or allergies that the coach would need to know about (for planning snacks.)
What are your student's pronouns?(Required)
This helps us understand the best way to address your student.

Team Preferences

This is important to try to help potential team members find each other — and to try to form teams that can operate well together.
Which Problems Interest Your STUDENT the Most?
Please choose one to three problems that are most interesting to your student.
March Regional Tournament(Required)
We do not have a date yet. Will you rearrange your schedule to be present as soon as you know the date of the competition? We believe it will be held at a high school in Arlington County.
Pandemic Considerations
How would you/your student feel most comfortable participating?
Is your student vaccinated yet against COVID-19?
Please feel free to add a note requesting a particular coach or friends with whom you'd like to work. We will do our best to sort out requests so everyone has a great team. Also, please let us know if you DO NOT want to return to a previous team, and why.
Will your student attend one of the Spontaneous "Try It" Workshops?(Required)
Financial Assistance(Required)
Do you need to request confidential financial assistance to cover any team costs — usually about $40-$80 depending on what the team does. We have a scholarship fund, so just let us know.
Does your student have any special skills or interests, that they would be excited to tap into while solving an Odyssey of the Mind problem?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.